Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lucy in the Sky

Went to a 60s NYE party with Daniel last night. I wore my grandmother's vintage dress and a fur that I bought in Paris.

The fabric for the dress was purchased in Japan in the 60s by my great aunt who later gave the dress to my grandmother. Synthetic fabrics are amazing because they never fade and are generally very durable. There's nothing better than wearing a 50-year-old piece and having it look new.

For make up, I darkened my eyebrows, heavily lined my eyes, and layered the mascara on thick.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Clockwise from top left: JCrew Lambswool sweater $64.50; O'Hanlon Camper Socks $12 at Urban Outfitters; Bullet Casing cuff-links $24.99 from Cufflinks at Etsy; Frye Key Chain $28 at Urban Outfitters, Felted Slippers $68 from Ing00te at Etsy


Clockwise from top left: Sheepswool pillow $98 at Anthropologie; Glossed bangles $48 at Anthropologie; Sammy Handmade in Ethiopia Scarf $98 at Barney's Co-op; Madewell sweater $75; Marc by Marc Jacobs lattice tights $28 at Shopbop

Monday, November 22, 2010

Montreal Weekend

Last weekend I visited my dear friend Alex in Montreal. Trips to Montreal are always filled with bar hopping, good food and vintage shopping. I tried my best to speak a little french but it's been so long since I studied in Paris!

After a seriously wild night, Alex took me to one of her favorite vintage shops. Clearly, you've got to be a local to know about this hidden gem...

This three-story shop could easily be feautred on Hoarding: Buried Alive. Let's begin in the basement, shall we?

Shoes, shoes, shoes. Rack after rack of furs, full length tweed toppers, dresses, leather jackets, and more. If there's such a thing as vintage overload, this is it.

Alex is so cute.

Can you believe this vintage fur hat? It's not still moving, or anything, but I guess they decided to keep the paws should it up and walk away some day.

These pants are pretty nuts, too. I do like them, though!

Here's a glimpse of the attic.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Vested Interest

Lately I've been really into Southwestern-inspired looks. I found this vest in Montreal and was honestly a bit apprehensive of taking it home. I love ponchos but I've never worn anything as oversized and colorful as this vest!

I'm happy I did take it home, though. For one thing, I don't wear much color. This overpinning has really brightened up my muted wardrobe. It also goes really well with basics like my boyfriend shirt and denim leggings. I think I'll be able to try it with a simple dress underneath, too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

She wore $8 slacks.

I love these pants. I love that they are high-waisted and ankle-length. I don't even mind that they make my hips look gigantic. I wish people still called pants like this "slacks." The only person I know who says slacks is my dear grandmother who is 92. I am going to try to bring slacks back.

The look makes me want to wander the Yale campus and pretend I'm an undergrad, sneak into an American lit lecture. There's something sort of 80s about it. I can imagine my mother having worn something similar.

This sort of throw-back styling feels so romantic to me. A high-waisted pant and fitted sweater are theoretically so frumpy, so modest. I think the runways for Fall/Winter 10 showed us, however, that trousers can be surprisingly seductive. It is so nice to see the fashion world begin to step away from the sleaze and try on something with a little class. I'm not being elitist, mind you. The pants really were $8 and the necklace was only $5...

JCrew sweater, Ralph Lauren paddock boots, Coach watch, thrifted pants and necklace

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toy Soldier

Fall is finally here. I've been at-home-dry cleaning everything and anything I own with wool in it. Get those wrinkles out! Shake the dust from your shiny buttons! Rediscovering my fall/winter wardrobe is like getting in touch with old friends. I remember you.

I found this YSL sweater coat in a consignment shop in Paris three years ago. It's very over sized and I have to admit, I used to wear it with a long tee-shirt underneath as a dress. I only attempted this look in Paris, of course, because it's a little too street-walker for Connecticut.

I love the way an over sized over pinning looks with skin-tight pants. The silhouette becomes so dramatic. I always like to cover my bum, though. Porno-chic just isn't my look...

These pants are black jeggings by Jbrand. The tee-shirt is Madigan from Anthropologie and the flats are by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Must be Funny in a Rich Man's World

You know what they' money, less blogging!

I was recently promoted (yay) but it's put my blog on the back-burner.

Because I hate sweating and Fall is my favorite season, here is a look that I put together from browsing the web. I know it's something I can only have in my dreams, so now you can, too.